Doctoral Students


Noor Adnan – News values, linguistic evaluation, corpus linguistics, media discourses of aviation disaster

Jeremy Holland – Discourse Space Theory, worldviews, manifesto texts of the Weathermen Underground

Javier Mármol-Queraltó – Cognitive CDA, evaluation, multimodality, immigration discourses in Spain

Noha Kader – Critical Discourse Analysis, Corpus Linguistics, representations of the Muslim Brotherhood in British and Egyptian newspapers

Terry McDonough – Critical Discourse Analysis, Cognitive Linguistics, Cognitive Neuroscience, discourse coherence and entrainment

Rania El Nakkouzi – Pragmadialectics, cognitive pragmatics, post-hoc argumenation, political speeches in Lebanon.

Daniel Alcaraz Carrion – cognitive linguistics, gesture studies, multimodal data, conceptualisation of time


Zhongyi Xu – Modality and Evidentiality in Political Discourse: A Cognitive-Functional Account (2015)